Basic Types of Cretan Honey

Orange Honey (‎Citrus x Sinensis)

It is collected mainly from orange trees in Agia region of Chania. With intense citrus aroma and delicate flavor, open yellow color crystallizes quite soon and gets a whitey color.

Thyme Honey (Thymus Vulgaris)

Collected from all Crete varying from thymes planted beside the sea until more than 2000m altitude. With rare aroma and flavor, amber color and very intense aftertaste crystallizes after 5-8 months.

Pine Honey (Pinus)

Collected from pine forests in Sfakia and Lasithi region. Coniferous aroma, darker color and less sweet taste than thyme honey. It crystallizes later than other types of honey.

Erikis Honey (Erica Manipuliflora)

Collected from all Crete from various places. Ruddy color and caramel taste crystallizes quick (1-3months) and contains more antioxidants than any other type.

Chestnut Honey (Castanea)

Collected mainly from mountainous regions of Chania. It is a mix of nectar and honeydew , very dark to black color intense aroma and strong slightly bitter taste. Ctystallizes after 1-2 years.